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FileSender 2.0 status

Reading through past blog posts I realised that we informed a lot of people about our work on multi-file and FileSender 2.0 through personal face-to-face conversations on various conferences but we never wrote anything on our blog!  Time to fix that.

I’ll leave details of the  2.0 development history for another post; for now I’ll just say the French NREN (National Research and Educational Network) RENATER joined the development effort by contributing with person hours of developer  Etienne Meleard.  Etienne has taken the lead on development of FileSender 2.0, the multi-file release.

Much code has been refactored and rewritten since June.  We now have a 2.0 branch in our SVN repository which is approaching alpha-release state.   You can install it; the install documentation has been written, tested and should work for you.  Please note that it currently only works on MySQL; Postgres database initialisation support is expected to be implemented in the coming weeks.   A link to my own demo server is included below.

Feature highlights:

  • full multi-file support: upload, download, MyFiles, email receipts and automatic transaction deletion
  • drag & drop support
  • generalised user option mechanism.  Which options are available to a user is something a service provider can control from the config file
  • fine-grained control over email receipts through various options, including the option to send no email receipts
  • UI templating mechanism

Try it: https://terasender.uninett.no/branches/filesender-2.0

Install it: https://www.assembla.com/spaces/file_sender/wiki/Installation_-_Linux_Source_2-0-Alpha-from-svn

Plan towards 2.0 release: the code and feature set is mostly stable and we’re working towards a 2.0 alpha release, with sufficient documentation to install and use it. While I can’t give an exact date I have good reason to believe it’ll be there before christmas.  We’ll use that mile stone to start polishing on a beta release which typically includes a thorough feature review and Wendy Mason’s client-side workflow testing.

I do hope several sites will install the alpha release and make it available to a group of test users.  We will need the field-testing feedback to make progress.  If you want to be a part of field testing version 2.0 or its documentation contact me at jan.meijer@uninett.no.

We’re also keen on volunteers to help with documentation.  Every hour you can spare is one hour closer towards a 2.0 release!