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Video of FileSender presentation at 23 Jan 2019

FileSender tech lead Dr. Ben Martin presented FileSender at the January 2019 conference. For anyone new to FileSender this presentation provides an excellent overview of all functionality of the software.

Video of presentation:


Filesender Workshop: Join us in Utrecht

Filesender will be hosting a two day workshop on 1st and 2nd May 2018 at the Surfnet Office in Utrecht.  The meeting is free to attend and registration is open.

This meeting will be a chance to meet the current lead developer for Filesender (Ben Martin).

The current plan is to make the 1st of May a day of discussion about FileSender which may include tips and tricks, what might be stopping deployments from moving to running the version 2.0 beta, desires for the future, and also some discussion on how we might handle issue reporting, tracking, and resolution; if github issues are where people should focus or if other methods might be better.

An optional hackathon is planned for the 2nd of May. This may just be a day more for the folks who like the nuts and bolts of the code than on the 1st. This could include all sorts of information ranging from how we might like to restructure parts of the code in the future through to how to create and make a pull request. There is also a potential discussion on how we might like to handle themes in the future. Maybe bootstrap is an interesting migration target for the UI? Database abstraction is another good open topic, though there are no shortage of things that can be discussed for interested programmers.

We’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts as to what should be included in the programme.  Please sign-up to the mailing lists or drop us a line.

Filesender Future Directions at TNC17 BoF

Thanks to all of of you that joined the Filesender Board for the BoF at TNC this year.   The slides presented by Jan are available and we appreciate on-going feedback.   20 organisations were represented at the meeting with a range of involvement in Filesender – from those with an initial interest in deploying Filesender to organisations that have been using the software in production for a number of years.

The Filesender Board (Jan Meijer, Guido Aben, Nicole Harris and Rogier Spoor) gave an update on the current status of Filesender 2.0 and presented the future Filesender roadmap for the first time.  These are the main areas that have been identified as useful for the community, but delivery of features will be determined by funding that the project can attract and priorities for funding organisations.

Questions from the room revolved around Filesender 2.0 and the desire to have this available – now please!  Due to the success of moving to the Commons Conservancy, Filesender has recently been able to hire a new developer and work is underway to release 2.0 as soon as possible. You can keep an eye on our commits on github to see the work as it happens.  A lot of the features requested in the room – theming, crypto, more control of notifications, email bounce handling, multi-file transfer – are on the feature list for Filesender 2.0.

The audience was interested in the work of the Commons Conservancy, not only as a mechanism to donate to Filesender but as a future home for other software projects. The MoU signed between GÉANT, NLnet and the Commons Conservancy is designed to recognise this growing need in our community and provide support for projects that wish to make the move to a more sustainable framework.  the GÉANT Greenhouse SIG provides opportunities for projects to prepare for such a move, as well as being a forum for discussion on all issues around NREN use of open source.

Finally, Filesender can only continue to grow with your contributions.  If you use Filesender, want to use Filesender or want the project to improve so that it has the features you need please do visit the Commons Conservancy website and donate!  If you have any questions, please reach out to the Filesender team.


Join the Filesender team @TNC17

Filesender will be at TNC17 in Linz and welcomes you to join us for a BoF on Tuesday evening from 18:00 – 19:00.

This Birds of a Feather session offers an excellent opportunity to meet others working with or interested in FileSender and to meet some of the people behind the project. All the members of the Filesender Board will be in the room and ready to answer your questions.


  1. Round room introductions, who are you, why are you interested in Filesender?
  2. Update on the current and upcoming Filesender releases.
  3. Update on the Filesender development roadmap.
  4. Update on Filesender @ Commons Conservancy and how to donate.
  5. Discussion.

Please let us know if you will be attending by registering for the session.  You might also like to attend the Open Source Collaboration session during TNC, where the Commons Conservancy will be discussed in more detail.

FileSender BoF at TNC 2015!

Are you planning to attend this year’s TERENA conference (TNC 2015)?  Then don’t miss out on the FileSender BoF!  This birds of a feather session offers an excellent opportunity to meet others working with or interested in FileSender and to meet some of the people behind the project.

What we discuss during the BoF depends largly on you, the participants, and the questions you have.  We’ll at the very least go through the current development status and roadmap.  For those new to FileSender we can easily throw in background information about the project and the software.

From the FileSender project both myself and Guido Aben will be present to answer all your FileSender questions and take in your feedback. If there is anything you’d like us to address please drop me an email at

The FileSender BoF is scheduled for Tuesday 16 June, 19:15 – 20:30.  If you plan to attend the BoF, please register using the link below.

BoF registration:

BoF information:

FileSender at APAN-33, Chiang Mai,Thailand

Apan 33 takes place this week, from 13 to 17 February in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our very own mr. Guido Aben is present, and will be presenting FileSender tomorrow as the 2nd speaker in the Global Collaboration session.

If you happen to walk around at Apan33 and have any questions regarding FileSender, Guido is the person to talk to!

TNC2011: FileSender BoF

Yesterday we had our FileSender BoF session at TNC2011.  We had from 17:45-19.00.  We expected about 15 people, hoped for 25, and had 40 attendants.

The participants can be split in 3 groups:

  1. those running a FileSender installation want to know where FileSender development is and is going
  2. those who’d heard about FileSender and are seriously considering building up a FileSender service
  3. those who are generally interested in interesting things, including one participant who wanted to learn more about our way of working to apply it to other projects 🙂

We presented the basic value proposition of FileSender (painless sharing of arbitrarily large files with a private audience through a trusted intermediary), project history, technology and functionality choices and why they were made and of course demoed.

The feedback was good, and we got a number of functionality suggestions that’ll appear in feature suggestions soon.  The “authenticated download” functionality in particular was asked for by a number of people, particularly for the use in healthcare-related file exchange.  The feature is on the roadmap, we have ideas on how to implement it but it is more complicated then one might assume.  The only thing we truly have is the recipients email address and to devise a support-load-free authentication mechanism that can support all recipients is not trivial.

From memory there was interest of these NRENs to establish a FileSender service for their community: ACOnet (Austria), CESNET (Czech Republic), SigmaNet (Latvia), CSC/FUnet (Finland).  I will have to look in my notes and contact people to make the list complete.  We also have some promising leads on possible new members for the funding consortium, which pays for the FileSender bills.  This is important: even though we are only in May 2011, Guido and myself are already working to secure funding for 2012.

So, all in all I would say the BoF was a success with lots of interest of the NREN community 🙂

I’ll close the article by quoting what Gareth Eason twittered from the room:

“Filesender BoF session is full to bursting, with extra chairs brought in and attendees filling the edges of the room #tnc2011“.

Thanks FileSender team and the community for making a wonderful product that’s easy to promote 🙂

FileSender at TNC2011

Next week the 2011 TERENA Networking Conference takes place, the annual gathering of European national research networks.  FileSender has  a number of activities scheduled on TNC2011:

If you’re attending the TNC next week in Prague, don’t forget to visit the BoF on Monday 🙂