Monthly Archives: September 2017

FileSender space on Assembla phased out

Since we started FileSender back in 2009 we’ve used the Assembla platform to host all important data for the project in a central place: documentation, tickets, files, source code.

As of today the FileSender project space on no longer exists. All existing data (wiki, tickets) has been captured and made available (read-only) on Github in a separate repository:

We believe the data that still was on the Assembla space all pertained to version 1.x releases, which we are no longer maintaining. We will keep the old data on Github for historical reference. If there is anything you’re missing from the old Assembla space, please let us know on If you believe it needs to be put on the current website, the fastest way forward is to create a markdown (.md) file with the content and submit it as a pull request.

Why the Assembla phase-out?

Those of you following the FileSender programme know we have been moving away from Assembla for quite some time. We moved the code from Assembla’s SVN to Github in September 2016. We then moved all version 2.0 documentation and the main project landing page to Github and publish both through s well and publish it through on and Last but not least we have been using the Github issue tracker for all v2.0 development since we moved the code.

Until recently there was no cost associated with keeping the old Assembla project space alive. Assembla changed this in August this year when they introduced their new subscription model where free spaces for open source projects were no longer an option. When this happened we decided to fast-track the shut down of our Assembla space. It served us well but it’s now time to move on.