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Status FileSender 2.0, end of january 2015

In the previous blog post I wrote about version 2.0, its features and where we were at.  In this post you’ll get an update on the current status of 2.0 development.

The code is now considered feature-complete.  We now work on documenting, testing and providing the upgrade path.  Basic documentation (installation, configuration directives) is shaping up, others we still have to start with.  With a code base and database layout that’s changed as much as it did there’s quite some work to be done to make for a smooth migration from 1.6 to 2.0.  We work towards 1st March to have a version ready for field testing, which I expect to be called the 2.0-alpha version.  Please note this version will not have undergone extensive client side workflow testing.

The field testing both UNINETT and RENATER plan is to offer our end users a 2.0 test instance next to a production 1.x instance.  I understood from others they’re considering the same.

I’ve written it before: it takes quite some time to document and to verify the documentation is correct.  Any help will speed up the release.  If you’re interested in specific features like the API, built-in email bounce handling etc. let us know, you can help verify the basic documentation.  Send me an email at jan.meijer at if you can spare a couple of hours.

Try it:

Install it:

More detailed status:

  • Most of the configuration directive documentation is done.  It needs about one more day of work and then a double-check;
  • The Linux source installation documentation is done and will be updated as other documentation and the sample config file progresses;
  • For any major FileSender release an external code security audit will be done.  This time we’ll even have two.  The 1st review is being executed by Pine Security and paid for by the project.  It is underway as I write this, the report is expected next week.  The 2nd review will be executed by a French security firm under responsibility of and paid by RENATER as part of its internal process for taking 2.0 in production.  The RENATER review is expected to start latest in the 3rd week of February;
  • Next on our list are an administrator guide to various aspects (authentication, language configuration, customisation), upgrade documentation,API documentation, upgrade scripts, client side workflow testing, packaging and upgrade testing.  All this will keep us occupied at least throughout February and March.

That’s it for now, happy testing!