FileSender 1.6 Release Candidate 1 planning update

A quick update on the release planning for version 1.6 after today’s call with core-group members Xander, Chris, Vegard and myself.

Feedback from three sites running 1.6-beta1 field tests with relevant traffic shows it’s working smoothly with the TeraSender upload module enabled.  One small issue in the multiple-from address selection was reported and fixed by CESNET’s Lubos Kopecky.  Thanks Lubos!

Given these results of the beta-1 tests we see no need for another round of full-blown tests on the 1.6 Release Candidate 1, like we did on the 1.6-beta1.  .  The work that remains is checking all language files and updating them where needed as well as checking and finalising the documentation.  We strive to have this done in the coming two weeks.  Xander plans to prepare and release the 1.6-RC1 in week 9.

Q: When will the 1.6 release come out?

A: As per our release status and life cycle policy  “when a Release Candidate has been running on least two FileSender sites without error for a period of at least 1 week under meaningful use, this release candidate is re-branded as a release.  There are no code changes, no database changes and no config file changes between a release candidate and a release.”

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