FileSender 1.6-beta1 released!

This blog post is a bit after the fact but for those of you following our project via our blog here it is: 31 December 2013 our release manager Xander Jansen announced the availability of FileSender 1.6-beta1.  Please report any issues you find to the FileSender support mailinglist.  Like Xander I want to express my thanks to the FileSender team and all those who contributed to this important milestone for our FileSender services.

Version 1.6-beta1 is our first and hopefully only beta release for the upcoming 1.6 release. Although this beta1 has undergone thorough testing and has been subjected to a security code review it needs field testing before it can be considered production quality. We encourage you to try this beta1 and have a look at the new features (listed below). Please note that the new terasender feature is *enabled* for the beta cycle when using the supplied config-dist.php template.

Major changes since the previous release 1.6 are:

  • New TeraSender upload module which allows for much faster html5 uploads
  • Recipient address autocomplete based on previous recipients
  • Allow user to choose between multiple From: mail adresses if those are available in the user’s SAML2 attribute list
  • Configurable option to switch off download confirmation emails to the downloader (the sender still gets all of them)
  • New layout of My Files page, adding the number of downloads and cleaning up the general view to prepare for less emails whilst maintaining the file audit trail
  • Configurable footer
  • Support for SQLite
  • Add optional personal message and subject to guest  vouchers

The upgrade notes contain the full list of changes, including relevant ticket numbers.

By this time a number of sites are running 1.6-beta1, some already in production and no serious problems have surfaced so far.  The 1.6-beta1 has been through a code security review.  But for one minor issue there were no problems preventing production use.  The minor issue was fixed before releasing 1.6-beta1.

Please consult the Acknowledgements for v1.6 for the list of people and organisations that made this beta release possible. And last but not least, please keep the patches, comments and translations and all other useful input coming!

2 responses to “FileSender 1.6-beta1 released!

  1. Congrats on the new release!

  2. Thanks Raoul. I’m looking forward to the final release of 1.6 but even more to 2.0. The multi-file support is shaping up quite nicely. Feel free to give it a spin at

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