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Status FileSender 1.6, Terasender

Time flies! Our last blog post was a while ago.  What happened since then?  Progress on version 1.6 has been slow with the project’s key QA people needing to attend to other priorities.  The 2.0 multi-file development has been progressing nicely, more about that in a separate post.

We’ve now planned a date for the 1.6-beta1 release.  We expect to start with the full rounds of integral client-side workflow testing 28th October.  This testing period takes about 2 weeks.  Assuming no major dramas (we have executed individual feature tests) the beta-1 is scheduled for 18 November.

Considering the delay to our original release schedule for 1.6 we’ve decided to not issue a beta-2 but rather focus on shipping a 1.6 and put what’s already available in your and your users hands rather than aim for perfection.   1.6 will in many ways behave the same as 1.5 or to put it in another way: if there’s anything wrong with the 1.6 we plan to release, it already was present in 1.5 😉

The functionality we wanted to put in 1.6-beta2 will either surface as a 1.6.x release or bundled with the 2.0 release, we haven’t decided yet.  This will become clearer as the 2.0 timeline materialises.

Optimistic as we always are we would ideally progress from there as follows:

  • 18 november: 1.6-beta1
  • 2 December: 1.6-rc1
  • 15 December: 1.6-release

Quoting from our Release status and software life cycle policy:Release: when a Release Candidate has been running on least two FileSender sites without error for a period of at least 1 week under meaningful use, this release candidate is re-branded as a release.  There are no code changes, no database changes and no config file changes between a release candidate and a release.”

The next status update for the 1.6 release can be expected early November when integral testing is to have started.  Meanwhile, please give the 1.6 code a shot from the SVN tree.  If you just want to experience 1.6 as a user, feel free to use the UNINETT test instance at