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Terabyte Challenge: report available

The report of the Terabyte Challenge assignment is available:

The students conclude it’s definately possible to speed up FileSender uploads significantly to the point where transferring a 1TB file in a reasonable amount of time is possible.  This is achieved in two ways:

  • be particular with the SSL ciphers your FileSender server supports: if both your server hardware and client hardware execute AES in hardware, there is a significant speedup to be had
  • by using web workers the upload job is parallellised, creating a nice gap-less stream of chunks

The FileSender team is currently working on integrating the students’ improved uploading code in FileSender version 1.6, the next planned release.  Check the roadmap for more details of what’s planned for version 1.6.  We target early June for either a beta release or if things go well a release candidate.  The release  schedule will be updated accordingly once first testing has been executed.