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FileSender 1.5 released!

Today Xander announced the release of FileSender 1.5.  No beta, no release candidate, this is it: 1.5 release.  The 1.5 release is our most stable release and we recommend it for running production.

For details please read the announcement made by our release manager Xander Jansen to the filesender-dev mailinglist about an hour ago.  Please report any issues you find to the FileSender support mailinglist.  Like Xander I want to express my thanks to the FileSender team and all those who contributed to this important milestone for our FileSender services.

The 1.5 Release Candidate 1 has been running in production on the AARNet, UNINETT and SURFnet services for more than 10 weeks and has proven to run stable and without problems.

The FileSender team is now gearing up for its next targets:

  1. version 1.6 with the results of the FileSender Terabyte Challenge as an experimental feature, to allow field testing ASAP
  2. version 1.7 with the Quick Wins A features
  3. a version 1.8-beta with the multi-file upload feature

Xander’s announcement follows verbatim:

Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2013 23:08:27 +0100
From: Xander Jansen <>
Subject: [filesender-dev] FileSender 1.5 release now available


We’re happy to announce that FileSender 1.5 release is now available for download and in the FileSender package repositories.

Version 1.5 is our latest production release. Apart from a few minor patches, it is essentially a re-release of the 1.5-rc1 release candidate that has been happily running on at least four production sites over the past few months.

Documentation is available at:

If you are upgrading from a previous release be sure to read:

which contains *important* installation and upgrade notes.

Download details are at:

For those of you using the Debian or RPM package repositories: 1.5 packages are available in the *testing* repository and will be moved to the *stable* repositories as soon as 1.5 will become the main supported release. If you want to upgrade to 1.5 now please switch your apt/rpm configuration from ‘stable’ (or ‘unstable’ if you are running the 1.5 development packages) to ‘testing’.

The noteworthy changes since the previous major and minor releases (ticket numbers listed in parentheses) are:

Major changes since 1.1.1:

  • User interface is now HTML based, no Flash required except when uploading files with a non-HTML5-capable browser
  • Multilanguage support in web interface
  • Support for multiple database backends (PDO)
  • Changes in configuration (see Upgrade Notes)

Changes since 1.5-rc1:

  • Added Serbian language file (#865) (ok, that’s a major change 😉
  • Updated language definitions (#666, #706, #720, #880)
  • Consolidated filename validation (#863)
  • Don’t insert guest voucher(s) in case of validation errors (#862)
  • Allow spaces in configurable setting for admin users (#869)
  • Restrict access to admin page skeleton (#881)
  • Include version in call to default.css to prevent upgrade issues (#834)
  • Add color style for links in default.css (#837)
  • Debian packaging: ‘default-mta’ added to dependencies (#710)
  • Documentation updated

We would like to thank you all for your patience and of course your input and contributions. A long list of people and organisations that made this release possible can be found at:

And last but not least, please keep the patches, comments and translations and all other useful input coming!

On behalf of the FileSender team,