Monthly Archives: November 2012

FileSender Terabyte Challenge

The University of Amsterdam offers a master programme in System and Network Engineering, SNE.  As part of the curriculum, SNE students execute two research projects (RP) of 1 month each, one in January and the other in June.  Each RP stands for one month of very intensive work by two students collaborating to achieve a lot in a short amount of time.

We submitted a proposal to this year’s Research Project 1 (RP), to be executed in January 2013: the FileSender Terabyte Challenge:

“Current upload speeds with FileSender are nice for files up to several GBs.  We want to enable use of FileSender to transfer a 1 TB file in a reasonable amount of time (5 hours on a low latency path) using a standard web browser on a standard Windows or Mac desktop.  Identify current performance bottlenecks and design possible solution strategies which hold as latency increases.”

The assignment piqued the interest of 3 different student groups and following an interview round we selected René Klomp and Edwin Schaap for the assignment. I’d like to thank them for their interest and look forward to their results!

René and Edwin chose to work from the Netherlands and will present their results on Wednesday February 6th 2013 in Amsterdam, their report is due Monday February 11th.