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FileSender 1.5-rc1 released!

It is with great pleasure I write this blog entry regarding the availability of FileSender 1.5-rc1  (release candidate 1)! For details please read the announcement made by our release manager Xander Jansen to the filesender-dev list about an hour ago.  Please report any issues you find to the FileSender support mailinglist.  As Xander I want to express my thanks to the FileSender team and all those who contributed to this important milestone for our FileSender services.

Xander’s announcement:


We’re happy to announce that the first release candidate for the
upcoming 1.5 release of FileSender is now available for download and in
the FileSender package repositories.

Version 1.5-rc1 has been very thoroughly tested (thanks Wendy!) and
contains a few fixes for bugs found during testing and in the beta4
cycle (thanks Chris for fixing and all reporters for reporting and
sending patches). Also a big thank you to all translators for their

We expect that this will be the only release candidate but to verify the
release readiness the rc1 code will be run on at least two ‘real use’
installations for at least two weeks. During this period we also will
finalise the documentation for the final release.

As usual all input on this release candidate is welcome.

When installing or upgrading be sure to read:

for installation and upgrade notes.

Download details are at:

The changes since 1.5-beta4 are:

– Update of default Help text (English, Dutch, Norwegian) (#650, #651)
– Updated language definitions
– Fixed links to (all languages)
– Disable Send button after first press (#805, #811, #812)
– Do not mark Guest Voucher as used when upload fails (#807)
– Prevent erroneous showing of DatePicker in recent Chrome versions (#823)
– Debug setting set to false in config-dist.php (#804)
– Only log user information when debug is true (#808)
– Fixes in error logging (#806)
– Remove dependency on php-gmp (#813)
– Fixed include files in emailbouncehandler.php
– Various small changes and bug fixes (#709, #794, #809, #810, #828)

As usual many thanks to all contributors to this release!

On behalf of the FileSender team,


Status FileSender 1.5-rc1

After a couple of weeks of absence our release manager and code tree guardian Xander is back on his post, welcome back Xander!   He’s started ticking off the remaining RC1 work, for details check our activity stream.  We expect to come with more and probably good news later this week.  If you’re in a hurry and need more details, please drop me an email.