QA testing FileSender 1.5-RC1 started

We started quality assurance testing of FileSender 1.5-Release Candidate 1 this week and target the RC1 release for next week.

The first round of QA tests uncovered some small corner case bugs (thanks Wendy!).  Thanks to a well coordinated team effort those were quickly fixed and verified (check #804-#808 for those interested) and all looks well.  We’re currently conducting a 2nd round of tests and assuming all goes well will be making final preparations for the RC1, consisting of updating documentation.

For those who can’t wait for the RC1 changelog, here are the expected combined changes since 1.5-beta4:

  • Update of default Help text (English, Dutch, Norwegian) (#650, #651)
  • Updated language definitions
  • Fixed links to (all languages)
  • Debug setting set to false in config-dist.php (#804)
  • Only log user information when debug is true (#808)
  • Fixes in error logging (#806)
  • Disable Send button after first press (#805)
  • Do not mark Guest Voucher as used when upload fails (#807)
  • Fixed include files in emailbouncehandler.php

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