FileSender 1.5-beta4 released, 25 July

On 25 July, Xander announced the availability of FileSender 1.5-beta4.  We expect this beta to be followed by a release candidate 1 (rc1) early September.  Please report any issues you find to the FileSender support mailinglist.

Xander’s announcement:


Summer finally arrived in the Netherlands and so we’re happy to announce
that FileSender 1.5-beta4 release is now available for download and in
the FileSender package repositories.

Version 1.5-beta4 is the 4th and last planned beta release for the
upcoming 1.5 version and contains mainly fixes based on the security
audit we had done and some other bugfixes found in the previous beta.
There are no new or changed features in this release.

We expect that this will be the last beta. During this cycle we will
(where needed) update the last few missing language definitions (those
of you who have contributed language files before will be contacted 😉
and prepare the documentation for the final release candidate. And of
course if you find something is broken in the current beta4 please let
us know.

When installing or upgrading be sure to read:

for installation and upgrade notes.

Download details are at:

The changes since 1.5-beta3 are:

– Security: make admin check more strict (#751)
– Security: Fixed reset of session cookie when switching to HTTPS
– Security: Fixed 2 potential XSS vulnerabilities (#754)
– Security: always prevent caching of sensitive pages (#762)
– Security: add XSRF checks for POSTs and additional auth-checks
for GETs (#753)
– Security: add additional recommended PHP settings (#758)
– Fixes and improvements in language selection (#662, #745)
– Updated language definitions
– Disabled HTML5 capability for Opera (#527)
– Improvements on handling and reporting of missing required SAML
attributes (#628)
– Bugfixes in mail error-handling (#713)
– Improved  Help text (en_AU only) (#650, #651)
– Removed HTML5URL configuration setting (merged into Help text)
– Various small bug fixes (#691, #731, #742, #794)

As usual many thanks to all contributors to this release!

On behalf of the FileSender team,


Thanks Xander, Wendy and Chris for the efforts put in the beta4 release!

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