Monthly Archives: July 2012

Summer student working on standard usage reporting module

UNINETT has engaged a summer student, Vegard Polden, to work on a standard usage reporting module for FileSender.  We target this module to become part of the standard FileSender code base.  It should be ready in a usable form before the end of August.

It will feature an overview page with various standard graphs reporting over standard time periods.  Through the configuration file you will be able to indicate which graphs are of interest for your install, and whether they are public or for admins-only.  Should Vegard have enough time, we may be able to add an additional “formulate your own query” interface.  And for those of us who have to report numbers at the end of the year, it’ll show those.

The design includes a poller/anonimiser taking log entries from the FileSender log table, anonimising them and putting them in a usage statistics table.  This setup might in the future be leveraged to aggregate and compare statistics of various sites.  That would make it easier to judge the relative impact of new FileSender features and would help us guide our development effort.

You can track the progress on  Please note this is a development machine and its contents change continuously.  If you have feedback please share it on the mailinglist.