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FileSender 1.5-beta3 available!

On May 15, Xander Jansen announced the availability of the 3rd beta of our upcoming version 1.5. Please help us by field testing it!  If you discover any issues, please report them to our support mailinglist.

This week Xander, Guido and myself are gathered at the 2012 TERENA conference.  We’ll discuss further planning of the 1.5 release, taking into consideration the security audit report we expect to receive tomorrow.  Most likely there will be a beta4.

Xander’s announcement:

“We’re happy to announce that FileSender 1.5-beta3 release is now available for download and in the FileSender package repositories.

Version 1.5-beta3 is the third beta release for the upcoming 1.5 version and contains mostly what we refer to as “cosmetic fixes” regarding the user interface, user feedback and error reporting and logging.

Be sure to read:

for installation and upgrade notes.

Download details are at:

Changes since 1.5-beta2:

  • HTML5 upload support for the upcoming FireFox 13.
  • Improvements in the User Interface.
  • Improved user feedback and error reporting
  • Improved server side logging.
  • Various small bug fixes and enhancements.

Changed features:

  • Option to securely wipe (shred) expired files in the daily cron job.
  • Separate text definitions for ‘logon’ button and title of the landing page.
  • The configured ‘Site Name’ is now used on the landing page.

As usual many thanks to all contributors to this release for their patches, comments and translations! Please keep them coming!

On behalf of the FileSender team,


Thanks Xander!