FileSender 1.5-beta2 available!

Today our release manager and chief code-repository Xander Jansen announced the availability of the 2nd beta of our upcoming version 1.5. Please help us by field testing it!  If you discover any issues, please report them to our support mailinglist.

Here’s Xander’s announcement:


We’re happy to announce that FileSender 1.5-beta2 release is now available for download and in the FileSender package repositories.

Version 1.5-beta2 is the second beta release for the upcoming 1.5 version and contains some important changes concerning the installation and configuration, most notably the language definitions.

It is recommended to start with a fresh install although upgrading from previous versions (1.5-beta1 and 1.1) is also possible. Be sure to read the Installation notes for 1.5 development code for important installation and upgrade notes.

Download details are at:

The most noticable new features/changes since 1.5-beta1 are:

Major changes since 1.5-beta1

  • The ./config directory as distributed now only contains a sample config-dist.php file. All other templates/sample files have been moved to ./config-templates or their contents have been merged into the ./language/* files.
  • The supplied config-dist.php has been cleaned up and contains some important changes. It is recommended to create a fresh config.php from the supplied config-dist.php file and adapt that one with your local settings.
  • Two database column type changes (needs manual adjustment when upgrading).
  • Changed and consolidated language file naming scheme.
  • Added Czech, Slovenian, Italian, Spanish, Croatian and Hungarian language files.
  • Updated Dutch and Norwegian language files.

Major (less visible) changes since 1.5-beta1

  • Further improvements in workflow, validation/error handling and input/output pathways.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Many thanks to all contributors to this release for their patches, comments and most notably the translations!

On behalf of the FileSender team,


Thanks Xander!

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