Status FileSender 1.5, 6 March 2012, beta-2 planned

In today’s conference call  Chris, Xander and myself went through open bugs and beta-planning.  We plan to release  FileSender 1.5-beta2 in the week of 19 March.

Aside from a number of smaller improvements, beta-2 is expected to provide:

  • all localised content folded into one language file
  • improved upgradability by re-arranging “distribution-files” and “local overrides”
  • improved upload robustness by taking care of multi-tab upload session management

Planning of the security audit is well underway: a statement of work  is done, and we’re awaiting the quote.  The audit is expected to take place early April.

Based on our current assessment of code quality we expect the path to the 1.5 release to be:

  • beta-2
  • beta-3
  • RC1 (release candidate)
  • Release

Please note a security audit might necessitate work resulting in a slightly different release schedule.  Our most current planning is always available on the release schedule.

Lastly, we’ve decided to set up a separate Assembla space to manage maintenance of language files.  We have a different tool in mind for the longer term (Transifex) but that’ll require some time to integrate with our processes and code.

Please direct any questions to the filesender-dev list or to one of the project leads.

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