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FileSender at APAN-33, Chiang Mai,Thailand

Apan 33 takes place this week, from 13 to 17 February in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our very own mr. Guido Aben is present, and will be presenting FileSender tomorrow as the 2nd speaker in the Global Collaboration session.

If you happen to walk around at Apan33 and have any questions regarding FileSender, Guido is the person to talk to!

FileSender 1.5-beta1 available!

Our release manager Xander Jansen has just announced the FileSender 1.5-beta1 release is available for download and in the FileSender package repositories. We invite you all to try this beta1 and let us know about any issues (positive and negative) you may have. Points of interest are ease of installation (most notably using MySQL as backend), browser compatibility, upload stability and user interface.  We hope a number of you will be able to conduct proper field testing with representative users to allow us to see how the software holds up in the wild.

Download details are at:

Version 1.5-beta1 is the first beta release for the upcoming 1.5
version, we anticipate at least one more beta release.  As the detailed planning materialises, the planning dates can be found on the release schedule.  The most noticable new features/changes since 1.1 are:

Major changes since 1.1/1.0.1

  • Replaced Flash User Interface with a HTML-only interface
  • Dropped Gears dependency, upload of large (>2G) files now requires
  • a modern HTML5 capable browser, other browsers are limited to 2G
  • uploads (using a small Flash-application).
  • Added automatic language selection (English, Norwegian, Dutch)
  • Added Database Abstraction Layer (PDO) to facilitate the useof MySQL and possibly other databases as backend.

Major (visible) changes since earlier 1.5.0 development builds

  • Added French and German languages (contributed by RESTENA), Italian is scheduled for the next beta
  • Replaced MDB2 with PDO DB Abstraction Layer

Major (less visible) changes since earlier development builds

  • Input/output pathways have been simplified
  • Input/output sanitisation and validation is done
  • Much code and program flow has been cleaned up and simplified
  • We now use mostly prepared statements for database interaction
  • All pages are now W3C compliant

Please provide your feedback, positive and negative, to the filesender-dev mailinglist or directly to the filesender-core team.

In the 6 weeks to come we will work to squash the remaining bugs, preparing for 1.5-beta2.  That includes preparing the documentation and organising a code security audit.

Thank you Xander for providing most of the text for this blog article 🙂