Monthly Archives: August 2011

Status FileSender 1.5, 29 Aug 2011

Now that the European summer holiday season is mostly over a short update on where we are with FileSender 1.5 development.

The functionality we wish to have in 1.5 works.  Language selection, multiple databases and the HTML5 UI are all usable.  We aim for UI feature-parity with FileSender 1.0.1, but found the opportunity to support multiple languages to good to resist.

The 1.5  code can be installed with little effort and it Mostly Just Works.  Check the notes for installing 1.5 development code for details.

We are now polishing, making sure the 1.5 UI offers a user experience similar to the 1.0.1 UI and fixing corner cases.  Check the current 1.5 buglist for an idea on where we are.

We are planning for a first beta release soon and are targeting the end of September.  We hope to get an external code security audit done before this.  Once the beta is released, we will need testers.  End users, sysadmins, people who can run the test workflows in different browsers.  We’ll issue a call for testers shortly but feel free to drop me a line at if you’re up for testing 🙂