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Status FileSender 1.5, 5 July 2011

As of this weekend ‘nightly’ builds of the development branch of FileSender 1.5 are available in the various *unstable* repositories.  Thanks Xander!  Information on how to get and use the FileSender 1.5 development code is found here:

Major changes compared to FileSender 1.0.1:

  • Replaced Flash User Interface with a HTML-only interface
  • Dropped Gears dependency, upload of large (>2G) files now requires a modern HTML5 capable browser, other browsers are limited to 2G uploads (using a small Flash-component).
  • Added automatic language selection (English, Norwegian Bokmål, Dutch currently present)
  • Added Database Abstraction Layer (MDB2) to facilitate the use of MySQL as backend.

Note that the 1.5 code is not stable yet and can and will change rapidly. Not every little detail is working yet and formal workflow testing hasn’t started so do not use the 1.5 builds on a production server.  If you test, find an issue and wish to report this, please check the known 1.5 bugs first 🙂

Please report to the list and not to individual team members.

The path forward looks -roughly- as follows:

  • squash known bugs
  • start testing according to formal test workflows
  • fix bugs discovered in formal test workflows
  • start beta release cycle: FileSender-1.5-Beta1, find issues, repair issues, FileSender-1.5-Beta2
  • when comfortable with any remaining issues, issue FileSender-1.5-RC1
  • when RC1 does well, re-label to FileSender-1.5 and release

I don’t think we will need more then two beta releases but one never knows.  Viewing the progress we have made the last month I would say that a beta ought to be available in September.  How long it will then take to take this beta to full release depends on what we find which again depends on how well it all is tested.

We are going to need field testers, both to ensure version 1.5 installs as smoothly as did version 1.0, and to make sure it works for end-users.

If any site is willing to be a field-testing site, please contact us through, or contact one of the development team members directly.

To close with: work on automated testing is progressing as well, we now have a Selenium test server up and running.  Thanks AARNet!  Great work Wendy!  We expect to be able to automate at least part of the testing needed for the FileSender 1.5 release.  We are going to need volunteers to make sure test workflows are tested on the many commonly used browser/OS combinations we list in our browser compatibility matrix.