Status FileSender 1.5, 7 June 2011

Most of what will become FileSender 1.5 is now nearly “developer-complete”, you can try the new nearly-all-HTML UI at the development server.  Please report issues you find to the filesender-dev list.  You can test the language switch by changing the language in your browser to for example Dutch or Norwegian.  The 1.5 code supports both MySQL and Postgres.

Xander Jansen has begun work on packaging 1.5 and expects packages to be  available before the end of June.

Meanwhile Wendy Mason is looking into automating the testing workflows using Selenium.  Our goal is to have automated testing of future FileSender releases (nightly builds?) against common browsers. Read about her first experiences and conclusions.  When we get this to work it’ll improve our breadth of testing while taking less time, which ought to speed up our release cycle.

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