TNC2011: FileSender BoF

Yesterday we had our FileSender BoF session at TNC2011.  We had from 17:45-19.00.  We expected about 15 people, hoped for 25, and had 40 attendants.

The participants can be split in 3 groups:

  1. those running a FileSender installation want to know where FileSender development is and is going
  2. those who’d heard about FileSender and are seriously considering building up a FileSender service
  3. those who are generally interested in interesting things, including one participant who wanted to learn more about our way of working to apply it to other projects 🙂

We presented the basic value proposition of FileSender (painless sharing of arbitrarily large files with a private audience through a trusted intermediary), project history, technology and functionality choices and why they were made and of course demoed.

The feedback was good, and we got a number of functionality suggestions that’ll appear in feature suggestions soon.  The “authenticated download” functionality in particular was asked for by a number of people, particularly for the use in healthcare-related file exchange.  The feature is on the roadmap, we have ideas on how to implement it but it is more complicated then one might assume.  The only thing we truly have is the recipients email address and to devise a support-load-free authentication mechanism that can support all recipients is not trivial.

From memory there was interest of these NRENs to establish a FileSender service for their community: ACOnet (Austria), CESNET (Czech Republic), SigmaNet (Latvia), CSC/FUnet (Finland).  I will have to look in my notes and contact people to make the list complete.  We also have some promising leads on possible new members for the funding consortium, which pays for the FileSender bills.  This is important: even though we are only in May 2011, Guido and myself are already working to secure funding for 2012.

So, all in all I would say the BoF was a success with lots of interest of the NREN community 🙂

I’ll close the article by quoting what Gareth Eason twittered from the room:

“Filesender BoF session is full to bursting, with extra chairs brought in and attendees filling the edges of the room #tnc2011“.

Thanks FileSender team and the community for making a wonderful product that’s easy to promote 🙂

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