Status FileSender 1.5, 11 May 2011

Maarten has just committed the language selection feature and is now working on the database abstraction layer.  Chris hopes to come a long way this week in finishing the remaining GUI issues.

Our planning was to have localisation and database abstraction in an 1.6 release, and “only” have an entirely new frontend (but no database changes) in 1.5.  With the way things are progressing it seems to make more sense to merge these updates in one release: 1.5, if we can have a smooth way to make the database transition work on upgrading.

The reasoning is that 1.5 will be a so big a change that serious field testing will be needed anyway before FileSender services are likely to put it into production.  From that reasoning follows that it is better to do the changes that people have asked for (localisation, database abastraction) in one go with the non-Gears upload GUI.

The release planning will be updated shortly, though the 2011 TERENA conference makes time in short supply this and next week 😉

With where 1.5 is now it is crucial we start testing it soon.  It already is available in SVN.  Try to get it running and report issues!

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