FileSender showcase at GÉANT upgraded

GÉANT, the European NREN membership organisation, has been operating a FileSender show case installation for many years. Accessible through a wealth of login options it offers anyone curious a chance to give FileSender a try.

This installation was upgraded last week to the latest software release and with that has joined the growing number of FileSender sites running the 2.x version.

Thanks GÉANT!


New release v2.11 – encryption hardening

Version 2.11 of the FileSender software was released on 4 November 2019 and is available here:

This release’s main improvements are the hardening of the end-to-end encryption functionality. Please see the release notes at the URL above for details.

Video of FileSender presentation at 23 Jan 2019

FileSender tech lead Dr. Ben Martin presented FileSender at the January 2019 conference. For anyone new to FileSender this presentation provides an excellent overview of all functionality of the software.

Video of presentation:


Dr. Ben Martin presents FileSender at NLUUG Fall 2018

FileSender tech lead Dr. Ben Martin presented FileSender at the November NLUUG 2018 fall conference in the Netherlands.

Video of presentation:

Filesender Workshop: Join us in Utrecht

Filesender will be hosting a two day workshop on 1st and 2nd May 2018 at the Surfnet Office in Utrecht.  The meeting is free to attend and registration is open.

This meeting will be a chance to meet the current lead developer for Filesender (Ben Martin).

The current plan is to make the 1st of May a day of discussion about FileSender which may include tips and tricks, what might be stopping deployments from moving to running the version 2.0 beta, desires for the future, and also some discussion on how we might handle issue reporting, tracking, and resolution; if github issues are where people should focus or if other methods might be better.

An optional hackathon is planned for the 2nd of May. This may just be a day more for the folks who like the nuts and bolts of the code than on the 1st. This could include all sorts of information ranging from how we might like to restructure parts of the code in the future through to how to create and make a pull request. There is also a potential discussion on how we might like to handle themes in the future. Maybe bootstrap is an interesting migration target for the UI? Database abstraction is another good open topic, though there are no shortage of things that can be discussed for interested programmers.

We’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts as to what should be included in the programme.  Please sign-up to the mailing lists or drop us a line.

FileSender space on Assembla phased out

Since we started FileSender back in 2009 we’ve used the Assembla platform to host all important data for the project in a central place: documentation, tickets, files, source code.

As of today the FileSender project space on no longer exists. All existing data (wiki, tickets) has been captured and made available (read-only) on Github in a separate repository:

We believe the data that still was on the Assembla space all pertained to version 1.x releases, which we are no longer maintaining. We will keep the old data on Github for historical reference. If there is anything you’re missing from the old Assembla space, please let us know on If you believe it needs to be put on the current website, the fastest way forward is to create a markdown (.md) file with the content and submit it as a pull request.

Why the Assembla phase-out?

Those of you following the FileSender programme know we have been moving away from Assembla for quite some time. We moved the code from Assembla’s SVN to Github in September 2016. We then moved all version 2.0 documentation and the main project landing page to Github and publish both through s well and publish it through on and Last but not least we have been using the Github issue tracker for all v2.0 development since we moved the code.

Until recently there was no cost associated with keeping the old Assembla project space alive. Assembla changed this in August this year when they introduced their new subscription model where free spaces for open source projects were no longer an option. When this happened we decided to fast-track the shut down of our Assembla space. It served us well but it’s now time to move on.

Announcing Filesender 2.0 beta 1

The Filesender team is pleased to announce the release of Filesender 2.0 beta 1.  We welcome feedback from the community via github or on the Filesender mailing lists.

Version 2.0 is a new baseline release support the Filesender Roadmap, as recently announced at TNC17.  This latest work has been made possible by contributions received through the Filesender Programme in the Commons Conservancy – with specific thanks to HEAnet.

All details of the new release can be found on the Filesender github repository.

What’s New?

Much of the code base was rewritten, a new database design adopted, many configuration directives have been added and existing directives changed.

There is now support for secondary indexes in both database backends. There is also initial movement to greater resilience to 4 byte character encodings and index implementations in MySQL implementations.

Guest implementation has been tested. Specifically how the UI presents itself given various default options in the configuration and situations that are confusing or do not allow the guest to easily progress have been addressed.

The about and help text are now pages instead of dialogs in the web UI. There is also a new provision for sites to present custom content for these pages in specific languages where FileSender updates will not override that content.